Sunday, May 13, 2007


Well its summer, I got my first sunburn. My left bicep was burned pink the other day as I ate a dodgy over-priced hamburger. The rest of me was protected by the huge mesh umbrellas which made up the outdoor eating area flanking the river.

I've been away, have had no desire to write, no impetus and no drive. But talking to Scarlett, or perhaps a desire to avoid the tedious data entry which I must do, has inspired me to log in and shout out.

I signed my contract for another year of work at the school. Was given a 10% raise, which is bitter sweet given that it still makes ends hard to meet. I can't say that I'm tempted to turn corporate again, especially when asked repeatedly by students whether I'll be coming back. When I answer yes they ask about my marital status. As teachers who marry, leave. It seems all my co-workers are getting married or knocked up. I sign card after card for various showers, and see candidates ushered around as next year's replacements. You'd think the establishment would learn to stop hiring the young, pretty, female teachers, maybe look for a few grey haired established instead.

I'm thinking of veering away from the autobiographical sex blogging and exploring some fantasies. Would you want to know the veracity of what you were reading? Would you need to know whether it was true? I guess I don't know how much I care really. If I follow a blog for more than just the desire to get off I would care, but for pure stroke material? Nah.

I'm hanging out more and more with Lena, her dogs Eloise and Eeyore, have become my surrogate children. I'm at Lena's house a lot, whenever I arrive Eloise does this dance of happiness where she tries to sit (in obedience) while walking to greet me. All the while her whole body vibrates with excitement. Eloise is an American Bulldog who resembles a small joyous cow. She is white, with spotted ears and tummy, and a sandwich sized spot on her back situated with no mind to symmetry or aesthetics. Her tongue is too long for her mouth, whose snores sound like Oliver's moans. Her brother Eeyore is a prime example of his breed. With a large square head furrowed with wrinkles and a sturdy body perfectly proportioned. His fur is perfectly white ("Like a kilo of cocaine" one friend described) leaving his ears lightly freckled with soft brown spots.

Since I've so lovingly described her dogs, I must really mention her boobs. Lena has the most fabulous breasts. They are dramatic in proportion to her fine frame, full and globe like. Every time I see her I want to grab em and go "HONK!", luckily she understands.. and laughs.

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