Thursday, January 12, 2012

Comfort Object by Annabel Joseph

Comfort Object (Comfort Series, #1)Comfort Object by Annabel Joseph

I had to finish this book the same night I started it. And no, that's not a good thing.

There was so much right with this story that it made what was wrong all the worse. The concept was interesting, the writing was good, the characters were more fully formed than in most erotica, and the sex was crazy hot.

The problem lay with the "hero"; a classification which I am loathe to use in this case. Jeremy was such an abusive, emotionally damaged, man child so as to make the whole book horribly distasteful. The way in which he treated the heroine, Nell, was not that of a dominant male, but of a controlling, insecure, abuser.

I like my erotica more on the edge than most and this is a pretty hardcore BDSM book, but I couldn't deal with the things Jeremy did to Nell. He was so incredibly hurtful (outside of any sort of power exchange) that I found their whole relationship to be incredibly depressing. I can't imagine that someone who treats women the way Jeremy did Nell would ever be a loving, functional partner. Which made the ending so unbelievable.

Sorry I missed out on a few hours of sleep for this ebook.

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