Sunday, February 25, 2007

A good bra is hard to find..

A good man is one thing, a good bra will get you through the day. I know dozens of good men, only unfortunately most of them are not fellows I want to date. And the ones I do? Well they're generally not good men. Ha. Not really. Substitute "available" in place of "good" and you have the truth.

I've written before about my search for a good bra, this is what I've found. It makes my boobs look fantastic. Its not super pretty, there aren't any ribbons, bows, or bits of lace, yet it does my body good. So two cheers for the Gap, who'd of thunk it?

In other news, my mom's in the hospital for reasons unknown. I can't get through to her and can't get a call back from my brother, so I have no information. Yay dysfunctional family!!