Wednesday, October 03, 2007


“You smell good”
she did smell good, like peppermint and sage. like a yoga class.
a smile unto my lips
“So do you”
I slide my hands up the nape of her neck into the tangledwave of her hair. Wishing I could tug on it, but it was too early for that. I find her mouth and remembered anew how much softer the kisses of a woman are than a man’s.
I suck her bottom lip into my mouth and nip it with my teeth, thinking that horizontal would be a much better setting for this communication.
She lightly sucks my tongue,
I get sensory snatches..
the soft fine hair of her neck,
the bump of one nose against another,
the clicking of one body against one body like flint and stone.
She’s soft, an odd mirror of my body, similiar but not the same.
Breasts smaller, bones lighter, eyes dark and cat like.
I feel her fingers stroking the insides of my wrists, and think she could be my undoing.
She pulls back to find my eyes, and all I can think is
I am happy I came in close enough to kiss
and I’m happy she said yes


Anonymous said...

This is some really lovely stuff...sometimes, there's a whole different vernacular when you're talking about being with a woman, isn't there? I'll keep coming back...

max said...

very sensual. makes me feels like i'm there.