Saturday, October 07, 2006

me vs. the lingerie designers

In the past 24 hours I've spent a pretty penny. I went to Fairway last night and walked away with the makings of a great self-date, vanilla bean ice cream, and violet roses.

Today after volunteering I stopped off to get new sneakers (greatly needed fyi) so I can start going to the gym again. (Biking is great and all, but parts of my body are not addressed by my travails on the Caddy. My legs are ripped, but my biceps are a sad state of affairs.)

Well then, I picked up some work shoes. And stopped by H&M for my beloved cotton panties. I walked away with....
-garter belt
-black thigh highs
-light leaf green lace bra/tank thingy
-black satin hot pants
-black, white, gray, cotton hot pants

Thank goddess I'm working tonight. I can't afford this shit.

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Jefferson said...


I was just thinking of those very items on your very form.